Vacation Rental Rates For Casa del Mirador

Casa del Mirador is priced as follows;

$115 per night
$975 per week
$2,975 per month

If you are going to stay for an extended period, like several months or a year or so let me know and we will do the best we can on the price. If you are a repeat guest you will automatically get a discount as well as referrals from previous guests. Just ask!

Included with all rentals at no additional charge is the fourth bedroom on the ground floor. This was designed to be staff quarters and has a single bed, private bathroom and shower. There is a ceiling fan but no air conditioner. This room is behind the kitchen and next to the pool and is quite cool for temperature. It also can be used by persons who may have difficulty with stairs. Actually,it is perfect for taking a nap after a refreshing dip in the pool.

Check in and departure

We try to accommodate your travel schedule as much as possible so for the most part we can be pretty flexible. The big hotels need to turn the rooms as quickly as possible and we concentrate on customer service and making sure your stay is as enjoyable as possible. We plan on having one full day between any departure and any arrival to prepare for the next guest so your arrival and departure time can be early or late. We ask that you let us know your estimated arrival time and departure times so we can make sure that we have prepared every detail and have someone to meet you upon arrival if possible.