Apartment and Home Rental Pricing


The price does not include electric on any of the properties except the Guest Suite and Garage Apartment.  To know what your current usage at Vista Mombacho apartments just ask Brenda or Katherine at the front desk.  They can calculate the cost based on your usage as each unit is metered individually.  We do not set the price or upcharge in any way.  The energy is set by the government.  We feel the only fair way to price the energy is to pass on exactly what the government charges us and we pay the tax. 

A deposit of $150 MUST be made by Pay Pal and the refund will with within 72 hours after departure by Pay Pal or at the time of departure, at the discretion of the management.  If you prefer to pay with a major credit card you can still do that on the pay pal site.  Just follow the instructions.  They will credit our pay pal account and use can use their portal for the acceptance of a major credit card.

This will allow the housekeeper time to inventory the rooms and check for damages.  We will also deduct the energy from that deposit the night before so you won’t have to worry about it if you have an early morning departure.  

The prices will increase during Easter season, poet’s festival, some local holidays and during the Christmas season a little but it is always best to check with the owners on an individual price.  You will get the lowest posted or advertised price.  Booking in advance will lock in the lower rate.  For example, if you make a deposit in July for December you would get the July price.  Subject to some cancellation requirements. 

Long-term pricing is available on all our properties.  Please contact us for availability and special pricing. E-Mail for the latest price as we have specials throughout the year.

Generally, we can move beds around to fit your needs.


Vista Mombacho Apartments Bed Daily Weekly Monthly
Guest Suite  double and up to 4 twins $30.00 $160.00 $595.00
1 double $45.00 $285.00 $787.00
2 double $45.00 $285.00 $787.00
3 double $45.00 $285.00 $787.00
4 double $45.00 $285.00 $787.00
5 double $45.00 $285.00 $787.00
6 double $45.00 $285.00 $787.00
7 double $45.00 $285.00 $787.00
8 double $45.00 $285.00 $787.00
9 double $45.00 $285.00 $787.00
10 double $55.00 $355.00 $845.00
Casa Tranquilla Entire
Three Bedroom Home
varies $195.00 $685.00 $1,795.00
Garage Apartment
One bedroom with full kitchen
double   $210.00 $595.00
Master Bedroom Queen $55.00 $330 $685
Bedroom 2 double but room for another bed $55.00 $330 $685
Bedroom 3 twin $35 $250 $500
Casa del Mirador 3 twins, 1 single $120 $750 $1,950