All Things Dental and Medical

Medical Services

General Emergency Information, the Doctors, Dentists, Clinics, Pharmacies, and Hospitals follow this introduction.

A few words about the hospitals, clinics and other medical and dental services.

First, about the directions

In most of Latin America, the directions are given from known landmarks rather than street numbers.  Many of the local residents don’t even know their street addresses.  Such as 1/2 block north of the PPQ bridge.  OK, so that sounds like you are in the ballpark if you know where the PPQ is located.  Everyone in town knows that bridge so asking a local is a good starting point.  If you don’t speak the language look for someone who may be local and speaks English.  I am asked all the time if I speak English and you will find that all the Ex Pats living in Granada will be more than happy to help.  You can also catch a taxi for about 50 cents and tell them PPQ bridge.  Once you are at the bridge you would go about half a block North and you are going to be a few feet from the place you are trying to find.  If you were, for example, looking for a person’s house it may on the wall by the door, or just go to any door and ask.  Everyone knows their neighbors and will tell you.

Medical and Dental Care

We have many people coming to Nicaragua for medical and dental care.  We have some of the best hospitals and doctors in Central America.  Our doctor, for example, is a surgeon as well and general practice.  He was trained in Cuba, one of the best medical schools in the world.  Our dentist has the cleanest treatment room I have ever seen and he has a lab on the property with about 4 technicians.  None of that needs to send it back to the lab if it is not correct.  He also takes credit cards.


Of course, everything varies from doctor to doctor and treatment to treatment but as an example, a walk-in at our doctor’s clinic will pay about $20 to see him.  There may be a wait and if it is not an emergency, call or go the day before and make an appointment.  It will probably be the next day and you will be put on a list.  If you wanted to make an appointment for Friday, and it is Monday, you have a very good chance of being at the top of the list.  

There are a lot of people who come to Granada for medical or dental holidays. For example, we had a guest who stayed for a month and had plastic surgery.  She came with her two daughters and they were so impressed that they both had a facelift.   One of our guests had an estimate in the USA for some dental work. It was not covered by any of their insurance in the USA.  Their dentist in the USA said it would be about $18,000.  They had everything done here for about 15% of that price.

We have one guest who comes a couple of times a year and brings with her several friends.  She makes all the arrangements, contacts the medical or dental people, and gets an estimate on the work to be done, such as 2 crowns, one upper and one lower, a root canal or a bridge.  They can usually give the patient at least a ballpark price without even seeing them.  In return, they pay for her air transportation.  

If you are traveling alone, not to worry.  Our staff puts guest comfort and satisfaction very high on their priority list.  Our people have been known to go to the pharmacy and get any prescriptions filled, and the grocery store for any foods you need, and they will check on you from time to time and make sure you are doing OK. If you want them to find someone to cook your meals just ask.


Things happen.  They can happen anywhere.  Back at home or while you are on holiday.  The best advice to get to a hospital or clinic is to get a cab.  The ambulance service is not that fast and is much more expensive.  A taxi driver, if he knows you need immediate medical attention will take you to the hospital first before he drops off his other fares.  I would suggest a small tip would be in the order above the $ 1.00 fare. A couple of dollars would make him happy.

We had a guest who needed immediate medical attention for a heart condition.  He was taken to a hospital in Managua where he had two stints put in and was out in a few days.  He put it all on his credit card and it was far less than he would have paid in the USA.


Metropolitano Hospital in Managua (Vivian Pellas)

For people that are new here or for those traveling to Nicaragua you may run into a need for emergency or other medical services. By now you know that the Pellas is an excellent hospital though there are several almost as good and better, depending on your needs.

Even a hospital as modern as Pellas has typical Nica problems like not answering the phone. If you get stuck in this situation, here is the contact information for a very helpful person who speaks English. She heads up the medical tourism office at Pellas.

Arlen Pérez
Medical Tourism Manager
Phone: (505)2255-6900
Ext: 8-4013
Cellular: (505) 8464 – 0084
US: (305) 396 – 2351

Here is an updated list of insurance companies Vivian Pellas Hospital will accept: (April 2017)



Hospital Granada
Rotonda Jockey Club 200 mts al Este
Nicaragua, Granada   (link to website)

Hospital Amistad Japón
Nicaragua (Japanese Hospital)
On the road to Managua, just past the baseball stadium
Phone 2552-2207

Alabama Health Clinic
Calle Corrales, Datisa Hardware Store half block east
Phone 2552-7983

Clínica Calle Atravesada
Calle Atravesada, from Dardanelo Bridge half block south
Phone 2552-6969

Clínica San Pablo
Calle Atravesada, from Datisa Hardware Store half block north
Phone 2552-7687

Health Center La Estación
Phone 2552-2928

Heroes & Martyrs Health Center
Calle La Calzada
Phone 2552-4796

Women’s Clinic
Calle Atravesada, Dardanelos Bridge a block north on west side of the street.
Phone 2552-4965

Policlínico Central
Calle Atravesada, from Datisa Hardware Store half block north
Phone 2552-5300

Policlínico Los Ángeles
Barrio La Otra Banda, from Dardanelos bridge half block south
Phone 3553-5300

Clinical Laboratories

Clinical Laboratory Christian Delgado
Very popular with expats.
Calle Real Xalteva, from Xalteva Church half block west
Phone 2552-5656

Clinical Laboratory Medilab
Calle Atravesada, from Dardanelos Bridge half block south
Phone 2552-5658             English spoken

Clinical Laboratory Abigail Varela
Calle El Comercio, from the Municipal Market 1 ½ blocks south
Phone 2552-0060

Clinical Laboratory América
Calle Atravesada, at Calle Atravesada Clinic, from Datisa Hardware Store half block west
Phone 8908-5404


Alberto Yrigoyen (Our favorite)
Periodoncia and implant DDS
KM 10 on the highway to Managua from Masaya, on the right side.  

He is our personal favorite.  Modern facilities with state-of-the-art equipment.   Dr. Yrigoyen speaks English, accepts credit cards and has a complete lab on the property so nothing needs to be sent out and any minor adjustments are done on site.

Dr. Erwin Esquivel Chavez

He and his wife both speak English and are 3 blocks from Vista Mombacho Apartments.
Rehabilitacion Oral e Implantes
Tel: 2552-0664
Cel: 8971-7756

Dra.Ma. Ximena Urbina Ordonez
Cirujano Dentista
Especialista en Endodoncia
Tel: 2552-0664
Cel: 8954-4579

Dr. Leonard Grant
Some expats use this dentist but he speaks only Spanish
One block North of Petronic gas station, 1/2 block west
Phone 8405-9650

Dr. Salinas  
His office number is 8681-9357- office address= Calle Real Xalteva, next door to the Lottery Building. Granada, Nicaragua. Speaks English

Dr. Manuel Mongalo and Kenia Estrada
One block South of Kelly’s Bar on La Sirena
8386-4661  Some English


Dra. Raquel Rodriguez   Recommended by several expats
Granada Clinica Atravesada, Monday, Wednesday and Friday
8867-9226    2552-5989

Dr. Gustavo González    
From Taller Santa Marta 2 blocks west
Phone 2552-2307

Dr. Castillo    
Clinic Beaute about a mile to the left of Galeria (if you’re coming from Granada)
She also has hours at Vivian Pellas.  Performs laser surgery such as Rosacea Laser
Phone 2270-4110

Doctors and Surgeons

Dr. Perez    
Granada Office and Pellas Hospital
Speaks English  Phone 8801-1103

Dr. Augusto   
From RandyJane Hunt-Reed, an Ex-Pat living in Granada. “A good chiropractor is  Dr. Augusto César Lacayao in the Calle Atavesada in Granada. Kiddie corner from Water works Licensed and very good, he put me back together when the doctors wanted to do surgery on my back. Speaks very little English. In the medical complex that has a dentist and pediatrician and other doctors.”


Dra. Carolina Gutiérrez Aguirre 
Calle Atravesada, from BANCENTRO bank 1 ½ blocks north
Phone 2552-7842

Dr. Francisco Bonilla       
Calle Atravesada, at Policlínico Central from Datisa Hardware Store half block north
Phone 2552-5300


Dra. Casta Nicaragua                      
Calle Atravesada, at Policlínico Central from Datisa Hardware Store half block north
Phone 2552-5300

Dra. Marisol Ruiz                              
Calle La Libertad, Piedra Bocona Specialty Center
Phone 2552-5989

Ophthalmologist – Eye Doctor

Dra. Johana Ramírez       
Calle Atravesada, at Calle Atravesada Clinic, from Dardanelo Bridge half block south
Phone 2552-6969 Cell 8981-5727

Physical Therapist

Dr. Julio Cesar Cuadra V.                  
He is a graduate of  Oriental Medicine School, very good. His phone number is 2552-3068 or cell is 8391-1343 and he is located at Calle el Consulado, de donde fue la Miscelanea Vicky 30 vrs al lago, casa # 530, Bo Xalteva.

Eye Physician and Surgeon

Dra Baldizon                        
Calle Xalteva
Phone Claro 8857-9322  Moviestar  8796 0052  

Dr. Milton Eugarrios  

I would like to recommend to you and the folks an eye surgeon.  As we baby boomers get older, eye problems begin.  Take me, for example. I noticed trouble focusing on my front sights in shooting competition. In 2012 I shot in my last matches and had trouble seeing my sights.  I  went to Dr. Milton Eugarrios, in Managua.  He had treated my mother in law, who was a widow of one of Nicaragua´s first pediatricians, my father-in-law Dr. Dagoberto Zeledon.  He also treated my wife.  He examined me and told me I had cataracts in both eyes.  My shooting eye, my right eye, was getting worse so I had him operate in June 2013. He did a fine job, put in a plastic lens, and I started shooting again. He is nationally known as a fine eye surgeon and works with his son, who is also an eye surgeon.
No one likes anyone fiddling with their eyes, but he did a fine job.  He is:
Dr. Milton Eugarrios, office located by the IBW offices in Los Robles, Managua.”  Ex Pat living in Granada
tel office 2278 6306 and 7.
Home 2278 6256.

Dra. Reyna Bermúdez
Calle El Tamarindo, from Xalteva Church a block west 3 ½ blocks south
Phone 8874-5010


Dr. Alberto Guadamuz   
No current address for Dr. Guadamuz
Phone 2552-5989

Dr. Silvio Lacayo 
Health Clinic    
Calle La Calzada, from Guadalupe Church half block west
Phone 2552-5273


Dr. Gerardo Pavón           
Calle Atravesada, at Calle Atravesada Clinic, from Dardanelo Bridge half block south
Phone 2552-6969

Dr. Luis Felipe Bustos    
Calle Atravesada, at Policlínico Central from Datisa Hardware Store half block north
Phone 2552-5300

Surgeon and Laparoscopy

Dr. Luis Mariano Cerda  
Calle Atravesada, at Calle Atravesada Clinic, from Dardanelo Bridge half block south
Phone 2552-6969

Dr. Pedro Iglesias            
Calle Atravesada, at Clínica San Pablo, from Datisa Hardware Store half block north
Phone 2552-7687

Internal Doctor

Dr. Rafael López               
No current address available
Phone 2552-5989

Dr. Rosenberg Duarte    
Calle Atravesada, at Policlínico Central from Datisa Hardware Store half block north
Phone 2552-5300

Dr. René Sándigo
Calle Atravesada, at Calle Atravesada Clinic, from Dardanelo Bridge half block south
Phone 2552-6969


Dr. Roger Alfredo Martinez 
Fully bilingüal Psychologist in Granada. Authorized and certified by Nicaraguan Health Ministry under the 46355 registry of Health Professionals number. I evaluate, diagnose, treat, and study behavior and mental processes in general practice for children, teenagers and adults. Appointments at 8584-9784
Roger Alfredo Martinez

Pediatric Surgeon

Dra Alina Gutierrez Ramírez   
Bilingual. She has her prívate practice at Clínica Redemptoris Mater, Calle Nueve from the cemetery 1 1/2 block towards the lake (east). Cell # 8888-8634 / 8694-1493
She is licensed to do laparoscopic surgery too. She is registered to use all prívate hospitals in Granada and Masaya for Her clients.

Dra. Ramirez Villalobos    
Located in Granada. She speaks English 8694-1493
Ramírez Villalobos (Face Book link)



Dr. Jose Antonio 

8993-9738 (Spanish only) 

Dr. Marielena Solozarno  
8983-4544  (bi lingual)
This is a clinic also and sells various animal medicines at good prices. Very good!
Also has many pet toys, collars, leashes, etc.

World Vets
Located on Calle Santa Lucia
Granada Coordinator – Tom Parker

Dr. Raul Garcia  8874-0583  (Spanish only)
Dr. Jasson Figuoaro 8836-7754 (bi lingual)
Dr. Bayardo Fletes  2552-4808 (Spanish only)
Dr. Jose Antonio Campos  (Spanish only) – 8993 9738  (outside of Granada)

Claudio Mayorga (Bi Lingual) –8 877 5998 — a vet student with a wide range of abilities who can sometimes help when others are not available. (Granada)

Heidi (Bi Lingual)
8462 2361  Vet student able to help in some emergency situations when others not available.  (Granada)


(Bi Lingual) 2254 4759
This is an expensive clinic, but they have a wide range of diagnostic ability (x-ray, ultrasound, blood testing, etc).  (Managua, near Old PriceSmart)

2552 1890 or 8835 9638 
Located across from Hotel La Mar Dulce
Address: La Islita Street. From Supermarket La Colonia 3 blocks south

Dorado Animal Clinic (Spanish)
Barrio Dorado Dr. Fonseca-Diaz  (Managua)
Steps Clínica Veterinaria
New services that we are offering include:
Full testing lab
Night emergencies (at the clinic)
Minor an major surgery such as…

Female sterilization through micro laparotomy (minimally invasive). And minimally invasive neutering.

Cherry eye reduction We do not cut.  We reposition the Harder’s gland
Ear otohematoma
Superficial wounds
Eye proptosis
Feeding tubes
Enterotomy (yes, if your cat/dog ate something uncommon and now he/she cannot evacuate it)
Total ear canal ablation.
Abdominal surgery
Cystolithotomy and urethrotomy

And a lot more! All anesthetic processes involve an inherent risk as in humans. But as a note the doctor would also like to share with you, all surgeries and/or aesthetic processes are carefully planned. Every milligram is calculated according to your pet’s weight. We use endotracheal intubation, oxygen, heart and oxygen monitoring, humid heat sterilization. and best anesthetic brands.

In the following months, we’ll be making dental cleaning with the ultrasound!

We also take care of exportation transmits if you are going to travel, including rabies titer test certificate from Kansas State University (90 days in advance).

Dr. Sergio William Díaz Méndez
Médico Veterinario
+(505) 8370 8498
Km 45 Carretera Granada- Managua

Hospitals and Clinics

For anything serious, we would go to the private hospital Granada Hospital here or the Pellas Metropolitano Hospital in Managua. For smaller things like stitches or injections, we go to the Santa Rosa Pharmacy which has a doctor on the site even on weekends.


The pharmacies are very good here but we consider the best inventory with good prices to be Praga. 

Farmacia Praga
Calle El Comercio, from La Merced Church half a block towards the lake also another location on Inmaculada just past La Colonia Supermarket
Phone 2552-5726

Farmacia Adriana
Barrio Las Camelias, opposed to the Central Entrance of the cemetery
Phone 2552-6751

Farmacia Carcache
Calle El Comercio, from Central Park a block west half block south
Phone 2552-2923

Farmacia Cristo Rey
Barrio Domingazo & Calle Immaculada, in front of Coca Cola deposit
Phone 2552-8188

Farmacia El Rosario
Calle La Merced, from GonPer bookstore half block south
Phone 2552-2944
Manual is the pharmacist and he speaks English

Farmacia Génesis
Barrio La Immaculada, from Shell Guapinol gas station 1 block west
Phone 2552-5156

Farmacia Granada
Villa Tepetate Sur, from Bullpen restaurant half a block west
Phone 2552-4175

Farmacia Leo
Barrio La Polvora, from Vicky District half block east
Phone 2552-2370

Farmacia La Milagrosa
Calle El Arsenal & Calle Guzmán, from Datisa Hardware Store 1 block towards the east.
Phone 2552-5882

Farmacia Los Ángeles No. 1
Calle Atravesada, from Sandino Park 2 blocks south
Phone 2552-5854

Farmacia Los Ángeles No. 2
Calle El Comercio, from the Municipal Market a block north
Phone 2552-4185

Farmacia Naturista Barreto
(for natural herbs, etc.)
Calle Atravesada, from Central Park a block west, half block north
Phone 2552-5829