Getting to Your Vacation Home

Getting to Granada

Due to security regulations photos are not permitted in the Immigration or Customs screening area so no photos are available

Getting here is really easy, no matter where you start (almost). Nicaragua international airport in Managua (MGA) is serviced by major airlines such as Delta, American, Copa, United, and a real budget airline, Spirit.

Once you arrive in the very modern airport in Managua the first thing is to clear immigration. This is a breeze. Show your passport and the immigration form you completed on the plane. The other form is for customs. You will need that in a few minutes.  On my last trip I also had to complete a health information form but it not difficult.  With the COVID problem, the rules have changed in the last few weeks.  Now the government is saying that you need a COVID negative test result and a passport copy delivered to the airport within 72 of your travel.  This will probably change in the future as most airline tickets are purchased on-line and 72 hours is hardly possible to get a test and deliver it to the airlines.  The best bet is to check with the airlines before you book your trip to find out the latest regulations.

One of the questions is “what is your intended destination in Nicaragua” You should list the address of the house in that space.

Casa de la Plaza; detras la lolteria, 219 Calle Canal, Granada

Casa del Mirador; 50 VRS a norte puente PPQ, 112 la otra Banda, Granada

Casa Tranquilla; Frente Super Pali, 140 Calle Nueva, Granada.  Calle Nueva goes from the cemetery to the lake.  There is a new grocery store that opened in 2018 called Super Pali and since this new store was such a big deal every taxi in Granada knows where it is located.  Casa Tranquilla is direct across the street. 

Vista Mombacho Apartments; 4 cuartas a sur la colonial or 1/2 cuarta oste Pharmacia Santa Rosa or 2 cuatas a norte de puente PPQ.  They will also ask for a phone number where you will put my phone, 8862-7008.  They just need a number.

Notice how everything is given a direction. People don’t use street addresses here. It is always a direction from a well-known landmark. Everyone knows where the lottery is and the description is behind the lottery.

Puente PPQ is a bridge, commonly called PPQ (papa Q) and everyone knows where that bridge is located. So just go north 50 VRS, a vara (VRS) is an obsolete unit of measure equal to about 32.91″. This has been obsolete for many years mostly because no one could agree on what it actually represented. In Mexico, a vara is completely different and also in Guatemala, but everyone still uses it when referring to distance from a landmark. Think about a stride being about a vara.

By the way, the landmark may not be there either. Ever have someone tell you to go three blocks from the old Texaco station? The old Texaco station has been a used car lot for the last 20 years but in small-town they still reference it as the old Texaco station. Same here.

Just go with the flow and write it down in your journal so you can tell everyone when you get home. For example, to get to Casa Tranquilla you go west from INA about a half block. Now understand INA was a grain processing plant that made feed for cattle but has been closed for at least 15 years. The buildings are still there but that is about it.

A word of caution.  Giving the cab driver, if you choose not to use our driver, the address on a piece of paper doesn’t always work. Sometimes they can’t read. Better you read it to them. Practice several times and you can get the hang of it. OK, so you need a map. Here is a link to the map.

But if you really want to make it easy then book your travel ahead of time with us. We have a very reliable and safe driver who will get you here safe and sound.  If you have a large group you may need a minivan.  We can take care of that as well.  Our drivers know exactly where they are going to no worries.  The drive will meet you outside of customs with a sign that has your name on it and take care of getting all your baggage in the vehicle.

The cost is about $40 from the airport to Granada, the same as everyone charges,  but that can change according to the price of fuel.  If you have a large group or a lot of baggage it is better to take a minivan.  They charge about $60.  We had a guest who wanted to use their own transportation and found a driver who said $35.  Great deal but when they arrived he said $35 per person.  Not much to do but pay.  We will make sure everything is right for you so don’t worry about getting ripped off.

One question that comes up a lot is how to get to the Vista Mombacho Apartments.  If you are using a transportation company that we have recommended they know the way.  If you are using an airport taxi or other transportation from the airport here are easy to follow instructions;

As you enter Granada you will come to the one and only traffic light.  About one block further on the right side you will see Colonia supermarket.  This is like a Safeway or a modern grocery store you may have at home.  Across the street, still on the right side will be another grocery store, La Union.  There is a street between the two.  Turn right on that street and go four blocks and Vista Mombacho is on the right.  Green with dark green trim.

Another direction, should you arrive by bus from another town is best by taxi.  The taxi is about 50 cents but they are in the process of increasing the rates so they may charge about 75 cents.  This will be about 10 or 15 Cordobas.   Tell the driver you want to go 1/2 block west of Pharmacia Santa Rosa.  Every driver knows where the pharmacy is located.

The last easy to follow direction, once again by taxi, is to say you want to go two blocks north of PPQ bridge.  This is also a well-known landmark and known by every driver.