Granada Dinner And A Movie Group


At this time due to covid Dinner and Movie have been suspended.  We also need to find a larger facility as we have so many “foodies” who want to attend.

This is a theme dinner centered around a movie.  The following are examples of past dinners we have had.  Our May 2015 film, for example, was Diner and followed along the same lines as the examples below.  This is for foodies and with foodies.  If you would like an invitation please contact us and we will pass on your request.

The film and food change every month but we always follow the same basic schedule.  We have cocktails and appetizers first followed by the film introduction.  This is where the host or the person who brought the DVD tells us about the film and often times some trivia about some aspect, such as with Diner where the information about the music, cars and other facts were given to the group, then the first half of the film was viewed.  About halfway through there was a dinner break followed by the rest of the film and dessert.

This is a great opportunity to meet new people and expats.  Many of them have lived here for years and are an excellent source of information about Granada and Nicaragua.

This event is by invitation only so please contact us to be put on the list.  You need to also bring a covered dish that fits the movie theme or a bottle of wine.

s Other food facts:

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Recipe resources:

Directions from the center of Granada

West on La Libertad

Take the first road (La Otra Banda) to the right after crossing the Papa Q bridge (yellow bridge)

Go ½ block.  It is a blue and white two-story house.  The name is Casa Mirador and the number is 112

US phone number that rings here in Granada 512-535-7701

Our home phone is forwarded to Granada when we are in Nicaragua.

Granada cell phone 78 53 85 25 (Movistar)


Ulee’s Gold Details


Peter Fonda received a richly deserved Oscar nomination for his superb performance as Ulysses “Ulee” Jackson, a Florida beekeeper forced to put his splintered family back together. Ulee is a Vietnam veteran whose wife died several years ago, a blow he’s still learning to live with. His son Jimmy (Tom Wood) is in prison, and his daughter-in-law Helen (Christine Dunford) ran away, leaving Ulee to raise their two daughters by himself. Ulee is a quiet man who has a hard time displaying warmth and does not always deal well with the rebellious children put in his care. But he possesses an intense inner strength and a firm sense of loyalty and responsibility. One day Ulee gets a call from Jimmy; he’s received word that Helen has fallen in with a pair of drug dealers and is in sad shape. While he doesn’t much care for the idea, Ulee heads out to rescue her, only to discover the men who have her were Jimmy’s partners in the robbery that put him behind bars; they threaten Ulee by saying if they’re not given the $100,000 Jimmy has stashed away, they’ll come after his daughters. Meanwhile, Ulee is forced to deal with Helen’s painful withdrawal from drugs; he gets some help from Connie (Patricia Richardson), a divorced nurse who has recently moved into the neighborhood and seems to understand Ulee’s lonely stoicism. Written and directed with subtle intelligence by Victor Nuñez, Ulee’s Gold is a moving story about the trials and responsibilities of family ties, with Peter Fonda leading a fine cast that delivers uniformly impressive work. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi


Awarded by Nominee Category Year Status
Independent Spirit Awards Victor Nuñez Best Director 1997 Nominee
Independent Spirit Awards Victor Nuñez Best Screenplay 1997 Nominee
Hollywood Foreign Press   Association Peter Fonda Best Performance by an   Actor in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy 1997 Winner
National Society of Film   Critics Peter Fonda Best Actor – Runner-up 1997 Winner
New York Film Critics   Circle Peter Fonda Best Actor 1997 Winner
Screen Actors Guild Peter Fonda Best Actor 1997 Nominee
Academy of Motion Picture   Arts and Sciences Peter Fonda Best Actor 1997 Nominee
Independent Spirit Awards Peter Fonda Best Actor 1997 Nominee
Independent Spirit Awards Patricia Richardson Best Supporting Actress 1997 Nominee


What to Bring:

The most important thing to bring is your spirited fun loving self.  Also, food and drink to share.  The food theme is honey.  Many have called honey “God’s natural sweetener.”  There are recipes for anything from beer, wine, appetizers, dips, vegetables, chicken, pork, breads and desserts that include honey.  Let your imagination be your guide, then look up a recipe on the internet.  So bring a food dish that includes honey – appetizer, side, main and/or desert.  Wine is always welcome as well as any of your other favorite beverages.

Honey Inspirations:



 Home of Jeannie and Glenn Koons.
Directions from the center of Granada:
West on La Libertad

Take the first road (La Otra Banda) to the right after crossing the Papa Q bridge (yellow bridge)

Go ½ block.  It is a blue and white two story house.  The name is Casa Mirador and the number is 112

US phone number that rings here in Granada 512-782-2326

Please RSVP so we know how many to expect.

Jeannie Koons
Casa del Mirador
112 La Otra Banda
50 vrs Norte de Puente PPQ
Granada, Nicaragua
7853 8525 Moviestar


Hi Granada Dinner and Movie Club

Thank you for a wonderful Dinner and a Movie Night.

The food was fantastic and so much variety.  To refresh your taste buds – just to give you a sampling.  There were meat balls, chicken tenders, sliders , marinated vegetables, chicken enchiladas, chips and dips, cheeses, cold slaw, Shepherd’s pie, potatoes, carrots, celery, beans, cake, fruit etc. I know I have left out naming many wonderful dishes.  They were all yummy and your efforts were appreciated and consumed.  It was quite a spread of choices.  And they were all delicious.  Thank you for making it happen.

The movie was a bit different than we expected.  We did watch the Longest Yard but it was the 2005 version as opposed to the 1974 version.  I had asked Glenn to get the movie and asked to make sure it was the one with Burt Reynolds – not realizing that he was in both.  It worked out great since a lot of us had never seen the 2005 version.   There were lots of laughs and many told me how they enjoyed seeing this version.  Bottom line, it all worked out.  For those that aren’t football fans, they seemed to enjoy the movie and see the life story hidden in it.  After all, there are a lot of movies based on a single sport that we have all enjoyed – The Natural, Field of Dreams, Rocky etc.

Many of you left dishes, pans, and bowls here.  I have no idea as to what was left as it was put away and I continue to discover things.  Please let me know if you left something and I will endeavor to find it.   IMPORTANT  There were many glass rectangular baking pans that were brought.  Someone took the wrong one.  Someone took a glass rectangular dish that was Carol Ray’s.  I have a rectangular glass dish here that is not hers – it has sculpted sides where as Carol’s was larger with plain sides.  If you brought a glass rectangular baking dish, please check to make sure you have the correct one.

We have not made the choice for the movie or food theme for February.  If you have any ideas or thoughts on the subject, please share them.

In appreciation,

Jeannie and Glenn Koons

Casa del Mirador
112 La Otra Banda
50 vrs Norte de Puente PPQ
Granada, Nicaragua