Vista Mombacho Apartments


About our guests and the property

Vista Mombacho is an upscale adult non-smoking ten-unit apartment community located in beautiful historic Granada, Nicaragua. The project is designed for those who may be thinking about relocating to a foreign country and want to give it a try before they invest. Our residents include those who are working on social programs and other community service endeavors as well as people who telecommute or freelance using the Internet.  Many of our guests stay for six months or longer while they continue to work using our state-of-the-art communications systems.  We can arrange shorter stays if your plans require it.

Day trips are not uncommon as many people want to see the sights and what other areas Nicaragua has to offer and with our security, it is a simple matter to just lock your door and leave.  Our efficient staff can help you with almost any question you may have about living abroad or Nicaragua in general.  We have special tours and day trips for our guests and their friends.

Medical Holidays

With the high cost of medical treatment in many foreign countries, more and more people are coming to Nicaragua for medical treatment.  We have had guests come for cosmetic surgery for the face that would not be affordable in the United States.  Many people come here for dental work as it is so reasonable.  For example one of our guests had the old lead and mercury fillings and decided to have them all removed and replaced with modern synthetic materials.  The cost? $25 per tooth.  Crowns, bridges, and root canals are a fraction of the cost of the US and we can easily set you up with English-speaking dentists who use the most modern equipment in a totally sterile office.

Surgery?  Not a problem.  One of our guests had an emergency gall bladder operation the next year and had surgery for a strangulated intestine that may have been caused by an error in a US hospital.  Total cost, less than $1,000 for each procedure.   One of our guests had chest pains on a Sunday afternoon and the doctor came to the property, ( they call it a house call) treated the patient, prescribed some medication, and the total bill was $18.00.  A cardiologist came to the property, ran a test, and gave the patient the strip and the results for $22.00.  One person had two tooth implants and a bone graft for about $2,100.  My doctor for example has the following information on his business card, name, specialty,  office address, office phone, home phone, home address, cell phone, and E-mail address.  Ask your doctor for his home number and see how far you get.

One of the reasons medical costs are so low is many of the doctors are from the USA and they want to practice medicine and help people, not fill out forms and pay the high cost of malpractice insurance.  The finest hospital in Central America is 45 minutes away should you need it for a more serious problem.

Our Rooms

Each one-bedroom is an air-conditioned unit with a kitchenette, living area, four-burner stove with oven, frost-free refrigerator, double stainless-steel sink, hardwood cabinets, walk-in closet or closet with sliding doors and each closet has built-in drawer units and rods to hang clothes. The units are furnished with a bed, curtains, living room furniture, a dining table, or an island, depending on the design. Each kitchen is fully equipped with glasses to flatware, pots and pans, dishes, and standard cooking utensils. The bathroom has a hot water shower (rare in third-world countries), a hand sink, and a toilet.

Front Of Apartments

Front Of Apartments

The air conditioners are high efficiency and the adjustable Titan tankless water heaters use power only when the hot water faucet is open for maximum efficiency. The apartments that have exposure to the sun have eight inches of insulation, cane ceilings, and corrugated metal roofs covered with reflective insulated radiant barriers and topped with native tile.

Vista Mombacho Apartments - view upwards

Upwards Hall View at Vista Mombacho Apartments

In addition, there is a wireless Internet and also a hardwired router with a direct connection to the Internet for secure transactions. The router is in a non-broadcasting so it will not show up on a computer unless you have the passcode. This prevents others from using the Internet connection which would slow it down for the residents as well as provides security from those who cruise the neighborhood looking for open-access routers.

Vista Mombacho Apartments - Studio Apartment

Studio Apartment

Vista Mombacho Apartments - One Bedroom Apartment with Full Size Bed

One-Bedroom Apartment with Full-Size Bed

There is a large community kitchen available by reservation in the event that our guests would like to have a large group for dinner or just don’t want a lot of people in their apartment. This fully equipped kitchen is for large parties or just more guests than you have room for in your apartment. This kitchen is designed for the ultimate entertainment. Once you have completed your event just walk away. Our staff will take care of everything from washing the dishes to mopping the floor. There is a two-floor bedroom unit without a kitchen that will sleep five. This guest suite is also available by reservation for those friends who are visiting and don’t want to pay for expensive hotels.

Vista Mombacho Apartments - Studio Apartment Kitchen and Dining Area

Studio Apartment Kitchen and Dining Area

The front sala or living area is a common space furnished with tables and chairs that can be configured for conferences or meetings. Several residents are in the process of building or in the due diligence stage and need to meet with builders, contractors, or others and may not wish to have them inside their apartments.

Vista Mombacho Apartments - Community Kitchen for Large Gatherings

Community Kitchen for Large Gatherings

Vista Mombacho Apartments - BBQ Grill

BBQ Grill on Rooftop Terrace

The third floor is a terrace area with a BBQ grill, stove, sink, ice chest, hammocks, and air chairs, and is a social area open to everyone. It has a semicircular BYOB bar with a double stainless steel sink and bar sink. From the third floor is a view of the city of Granada and Lake Nicaragua. The pool area has an outdoor shower and half bath. The property has a security guard, closed-circuit cameras, housekeeping service as well as cable TV.

Vista Mombacho Apartments - Hallway

Hallway of Vista Mombacho Apartments in Granada

With over 35 years in the security industry as a police officer, detective, and consultant for the better hotels and resorts in the Caribbean security is a major concern. To that end, we have tried to anticipate every possible event and take steps to ensure the safety and security of our guests.

Three of the units on the ground floor have a private garden. The main salon at the front can easily be configured for business meetings.  We also have a library and computer area on the second-floor loft and several wireless phones with free calls to 60 countries.   Included in the cost of the units is water but each unit is metered separately for electricity and each unit has real hot water, not the heat-only showerheads.

Access to the property is strictly controlled by the security personnel and no persons are permitted on the property without the approval of the resident or staff for showing the property. The is no “just dropping by to look around.”

Our apartments include:

  • 24/7 doorman
  • Wi-Fi throughout the property and wired internet in the common area
  • Cable TV service with about 100 channels in several languages
  • Housekeeping service twice a week
  • Pool with water feature
  • Large garden area
  • Outdoor shower
  • (3) public restrooms
  • The observation deck has a BBQ grill and BYOB bar
  • Ceiling fans in all rooms
  • Air conditioning
  • In-house maintenance person
  • Walking distance to several language schools
  • Washing machine for guest use
  • Complete kitchen with all standard kitchen accessories
  • Coffeemaker
  • Screens on all the windows
  • Car park is about one block away if you have a vehicle.   This is not associated with our apartments and they charge about a dollar a day.  We do not pay for your parking.
  • Frost-free refrigerator
  • Gas stove
  • Tankless on-demand hot water
  • Full-size bed (twins available if you wish)
  • A couch that makes into a ¾ bed in the living room
  • Guest room if you have overnight visitors available for a small cleaning charge.
  • Large community kitchen if you need to prepare more food than your kitchen can handle
  • Our own filtered and pressurized water supply
  • Two-floor plans, a one-room studio with a dividing wall, and one-bedroom units with enclosed bedroom and walk-in closet
  • Close to the grocery store (four blocks)
  • Close to the entertainment district, (five blocks)
  • Keyless deadbolt locks on the front door
  • If you wish to have bottled water in your room, we have 5-gallon bottles and bottled water dispensers.  If you need a refill, it is at a nominal fee.
  • Emergency loaner gas tanks
  • One-half block from several small convince stores that stock most household items
  • On a bus route to the Masaya craft market, about 30 minutes away.
  • Airport transfers can be arranged with a third-party company.
  • Security lock box in each apartment that will accommodate several laptops

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Directions to apartments:

From Managua and Masaya highway entering Granada, you will be on Calle La Inmaculada also known as the road to Masaya.  On the right-hand side is a small shopping center called Plaza la Inmamaculada and there is a Colonial supermarket. Across the street is La Union, another supermarket.  Turn right between the two supermarkets and go about 4 blocks.  Vista Mombacho Apartments are on the right at a Tee intersection just after crossing the only bridge on the street.  The apartments are green with dark green trim.

The apartments are also two blocks north of the PPQ bridge on the left.  These are well-known landmarks for all taxi drivers so there should be no problem.  The taxi fare in the city is less than a dollar, anywhere in town.


Daily: varies depending on the season generally about $40 – $65 /night but we often have special prices.  The price is determined by the room.  Our largest room which has air conditioning in the living room and a separate unit in the bedroom is more expensive than the guest suite which has no air conditioning.
Call or write for current pricing.     
Weekly $ 210 – $ 300
Monthly $ 600 – $750
$15 extra charge for additional people in the same room beyond two.

These prices are during the regular season but may be subject to change during special events such as Easter, Hipica, and Christmas.  

Federal and local taxes are not included and electricity is extra. Each unit has a meter the cost of the energy is based on how much you use the air conditioner and hot water.  All our light bulbs are LCD for maximum efficiency.

Refund Policy

If you have to leave early due to an emergency a full refund of the remaining days will be made upon proof of the emergency.  Security refunds will be made within two weeks of departure to your pay pal account with a note about any excessive damage.  No security refunds will be made until the damages are repaired.  A deposit of $ 150 is required to hold a room.  If the room is not available due to a fault on our part, a full refund will be made at any time.