Things to see and do in Granada Nicaragua

We have tried to put together a listing of things to see and do while you are in Granada. This list is by no means inclusive and you should always consult your guidebooks. The problem with guidebooks is that by the time they are in your hands it has usually been at least a year or longer since the information was collected.

We try to keep really current but that does not mean we are always 100% accurate. We listed a restaurant once that had great food. It was only open two weeks before it folded so there you go.

Asking locals is also a very good way to find out what is what with food and entertainment as those two change all the time. Churches and parks do not. If you find something that is of interest please let us know with a description of your experience and we will include it on this website with full credit to you.

Hey, you are a travel writer! If you have photos we will also post them also with credit as long as space permits and they are timely. We really want you to have a good time in Granada or the surrounding area so everything we can do to make your stay more enjoyable the better.

General Information
Your Guide to Life in Nicaragua This is one of the better sites on Nicaragua on the Internet. Quite comprehensive.
Photos submitted by previous guests
Granada in general
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Non Profits and NGOs (Non-Government Organizations)
Map of Granada in PDF that you can print
Island Tours
Island photos
Guest Book, this has a lot of local information on things to see and do in Granada and the area

Spanish Schools
Granada Spanish Lingua
One On One Tutoring
Tutoria Uno A Uno Spanish School
Granada Spanish School
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Boat Transportation
Ferry Boat Schedule

Restaurants we like
Bistro Estrada


A short video about Nicaragua