Casa Tranquilla

Casa Tranquilla is a beautiful home conveniently located on Calle Nueva a few blocks south of the center of downtown Granada. Situated on over 12,000 square feet this property is a perfect get away from the pressures of city life, but close enough for a nice dinner and a show. Some of the amenities of this home are hot showers, enclosed parking for three vehicles, and a swimming pool. There is also an outdoor BBQ grill, modern appliances and  television.  This home has 3 bedrooms with en suite bathroom and shower modern fully equipped kitchen, large pool, beautiful gardens, laundry, maid service.  Modern grocery store across the street, 

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casa tranquilla granada bedroom

Casa Tranquilla is a mini estate set among natural landscaping on a secluded property just a few blocks south of the main part of Granada. From the front garden is a beautiful unobstructed view of the volcano Mombacho. The property has many intimate areas for social activities or just relaxing.

This home has a modern six-burner stainless steel stove, refrigerator with freezer, garbage disposal, three bedrooms, a separate living area with office space and an enclosed garage area for several autos.

The kitchen is fully equipped with small appliances, dishes, place settings, and the bedrooms include linens and towels. There is an outdoor BBQ grill for those of you who desire that Sunday cookout. On-site is a laundry facility which consists of a washing machine and a solar clothes dryer (clothesline.)

This home has two large bedrooms with a queen size bed in one bedroom, two twins in the second and a smaller bedroom that has one twin. We also have a guest house at the rear of the property and that has two bedrooms with a shared bathroom that we can configure beds any way you desire and this guest house can sleep four more. Total sleeping capacity at this time is seven.

We also have one of the largest private pools in the city of Granada.

To make your stay more enjoyable this home also has:

  • Hot water showers
  • Pressurized reserve water system
  • Housekeeping service
  • Hammocks
  • New stainless steel kitchen appliances
  • Garage for your car or truck
  • Outdoor shower
  • Garden area
  •  Internet 
  • All linens and the housekeeper washes the linens according to the amount of time you stay.

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The price does not include electricity. Unfortunately, Nicaragua has one of the highest electric rates in Central America.  We read the meter daily and will report to you if the usage is unusually high so you can adjust your usage accordingly. If you use the air-conditioning a lot or forget to turn it off when you leave your electric bill will be high. If you are conservative then obviously the bill will be less.  So what would you expect to pay for electricity? Once again this, of course, depends on the usage.  The rates are set by the government and vary from city to city and sometimes even within the city.  It is impossible to accurately predict what the cost will be but we will be glad to share with you the last bill so you can get some idea.

Guest Supplied Electronics

No equipment may be attached to the public telecom or cable system that is not approved such as your phones, routers or other equipment.  The exception is to your computer by a cat 5 cable which we have never had a problem with and will provide for you for secure or banking transactions if you do not trust wireless.

You may not bring your own phone/modem and expect it to work here, it probably won’t and we assume no responsibility for damage to your electronics.  You may not move our electronics to other locations or plug any device into it without authorization.  If you feel it needs to be done we will have the service provider do it for you.