The information below was accurate as of March 2018  but is always subject to change.



Aleman & Cia. Ltda
Calle El Cementerio, close to cemetery
Phone 2552-4344

Julio Aguilar
Phone 8815-3415

Soluciones Contables y Más
Phone 2552-1816

Quick Accounting

At Quick Accounting we have been offering Accounting services for the past 16 years in Indiana and Kentucky. Now we are an international corporation specializing in assisting our clients with any Tax problem or legal advice they might have a necessity for. We offer services such as:

  1. Management Accounting
  2. Ongoing Computerized Bookkeeping Services
  3. Computerized Payroll Services
  4. Monthly Reporting
  5. Tax Planning: Corporation and Personal
  6. Personal income tax returns
  7. Corporation Tax returns
  8. Registration of New Corporations
  9. Financial Statements 

The above mentioned services are specific to your needs, and the needs of your business. We even offer tax solutions to small companies that might need help with monthly filing and their annual declaration. So even if you have a small bar or restaurant, a house or property purchased under a Sociedad Anónima, or an international NGO we can help you at a price that our competition is not comfortable with.
Feel free to contact us, the consultation is free. Let us help you on your road to success…


Please visit us at our new location on Carretera Sur Km-8 Plaza San jose Modulo B-8

Telephone: (505) 2265-0491
Cell: (505) 5853-5121
Cell 2: (505) 8830-6799 

SAENICSA | Accounting & Tax Services

Contadores Públicos Autorizados
– Certificaciones –
– Servicios Contables –
– Impuestos –
Mensuales:. Retenciones en la Fuente IR, Anticipo al IR, IVA (Impuesto al Valor Agregado), impuestos municipales sobre ingresos
Anuales:. Declaración Anual del IR
– Nómina –
Reporte mensual de Salarios 
Cálculo del IR para asalariados
– Actualización Libros Contables –
– Consultoría –
– Renovación de documentos –
Matrícula Alcaldia
Cedula RUC
– Revisión Contable – 
– Auditoría-
– Apertura Cuentas Bancarias –
Si deseas mas información en cuanto a nuestra empresa, o los servicios que ofrecemos, favor de visitar nuestra página en internet!inicio/h8ikt

Feel free to visit us, our offices we are only minutes from:
– Metrocentro
– Galerias Santo Domingo
– Centro Financiero Lafise Bancentro
Call us today! +(505) 2277-0054 / +(505) 8662-5312 / +(317) 641-2179

From Pat Werner – As to accountants, let me also suggest Julio C.Mayorga, CPA. I met him last year when we had to file with the IRS a list of our foreign bank accounts.  He is the only person I have ever let do my taxes, ever.  He is from the Coco River area, went to the US and worked there for 30 years, got licensed in the states, and is the only accountant I have ever talked to who truly understands the interworkings of US and Nicaraguan tax laws.  Through him I got status as a foreign tax home so I do not have to be so edgy about the 35 day rule. He came back to Nicaragua a couple of years ago and is one of the few accountants recommended by the US Embassy.  With some of us  that does not cut much ice, but in this case, he is well worth visiting.  He is completely bi lingual. He is:Julio C. Mayorga Edwards, EA, CAP, Certified Public Accountants & U.S. Tax Advisors, Contiguo ACademkica Europea, Managua, Nicaragua 957, 505 2270-3162

Air Conditioning

Ayre & Cia. Ltda.
Calle la Merced, from La Merced Church 1 1/2 blocks North
Phone 2552-5893

Calvin Jones    A/C and other home repairs

José Dávila
Phone 8959-0226

Marvin Alemán (air conditioning and refrigerator)
Phone 505-8631-1277

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous – Granada

We have 2 meetings a week. Wednesday and Sunday at 5:30. We have moved , we are now located across the street from the INSS office.
From the Gran Francia 1 and 1/2 blocks south (towards Mombacho}
More info – 

Appliance Repair (see also Home Repairs)

Recommended by Vida Granada for Appliance Repairs: Juan Carlos Gutierrez Sandino 8983 2415 We’re a regular client of his. Good work. Washers, Dryers, Fridges, AC

Washing Machines – Milton 8759-7122

Auto Purchasing

If looking for the right used vehicle, several expats recommend Walter Christiam, 8811-3186
Normally he charges 7% of the purchase price.

Auto Repairs (Motorcycles and Marine)

Jeffrey Jimenez , near the Ferreteria El Fuerzo, has been doing a good job on our vehicles. 8813-1680

César Jiménez
Phone 8682-2516

Calle La Immaculada, from La Colonia 1 ½ blocks east
Phone 2552-5666

Taller de Mecanica Autos, Motorcycles, Marine
Expensive but good.
Calle Santa Lucia, 1 block towards lake from La Flor Panamena
Phone 8479-3397

Car – repairs – Vicente Garcia … 8802-7560 … honest and reliable … He can fix almost everything. He will show you all receipts and anything that needs to be repaired so that you can see it. He doesn’t speak English. They live in the Via Sultana in Granada


BAC (Banco de América Central)
Calle Estrada, north side of Central Park 1 block west
Phone 2552-3352 2552-3353 Speak English

Calle Atravesada, from Karawala movie theatre a block north
Phone 2552-5555 Speak English

Banco Uno
Calle El Comercio, in Pali supermarket
Phone 2552-8370

BANEX (Banco del Exito)
Calle Estrada & Calle 14 de Septiembre, from La Merced Church a block south
Phone 2552-2963

BANPRO (Banco de la Producción)
Calle Atravesada, from Central Park a block east
Phone 2552-2723

BDF (Banco de Finanzas)
Calle Atravesada, next to Curacao
Phone 2552-4005 Speak some English

Barbers – Beauty Salons

Letty-Centro de Belleza
Calle Libertad. from Central Park a block east
Phone 2552-6882

Nueva Imagen
Calle Corrales – across from San Francisco Convento
Phone 2552-0216  8948-1758

Salon de belleza Giselle
Calle Morazán, next to Café Blue
Phone 2552-0075

From Michael Schmid – Barberia 007, if you are Gringo, they charge 80 Cordobas, if you are Nica, 40 Cordobas

Boat Tours/Rides to the Isletas

Bella del Mar Double Decker Boat Ride

Take the Bella del Mar boat ride on Lake Nicaragua (Cocibolca) and go down the water slide when they stop to let people swim in the lake. The tour is available from Thursday to Sunday, 11:00 AM departing from O’Shea’s Restaurant on Calzada.

Granada Ferry

Sundays at 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM $2 tickets.

Book Stores

Gonper Librería
Calle Atravesada, across from BANPRO bank
Phone 2552-4748

Lucha Libros Books
Next to Imagine restaurant
Tony – Lucha Libro Books

Bus Schedules

For all of Central America

Dog Grooming

Maria Auxiliadora Saenz
Vet and Professional Groomer
Estetica Canina Granada
Right behind Papa Q Bridge
Phone 8287-4575

Dog Training

Chris and Bertina

Drivers, Bus, Van Services

Carlos Medal is an experienced, honest, English-speaking, and friendly guide for all tourist activities (including birdwatching) in Granada, Masaya, San Juan del Sur, Ometepe, and Managua. ‎Noreen Kukkonen‎  has used him for three years to pick up at the airport, take shopping in Managua, and even to Matagalpa and Selva Negra. Airport pickup and take to Granada is $40. All-day guide and drive your car (or take taxis) is $40. He can also provide an air-conditioned car (holds three or four) for $35 plus gas for the day. Carlos Medal, phone 8572 5726, email: 

Eleda Transporte – Very popular with the ex-pats for vans and buses. Bosco’s number is 8960 3207. He can also be reached on FB messenger as above, and the link to his TripAdvisor reviews:

Osmin Espinoza for transportation throughout Nicaragua. Recommended by Brian Zinser. The phone number is 7822-8258 and the email address is

​From Glenn Koons    If you are looking for reliable transportation in a van or bus I would recommend Dora Miranda. She is Nicaraguan but spent many years in the states and speaks perfect English. Her vehicle is dependable and she has a van and minibusses too. We recommend her for all our airport transportation and have never had a single guest complaint. The travel group has used her before as well. Worth talking to her and shopping around the shopping trip. 8835-8344

From Megan Burke       Evert 8871 0360; used him for years in Granada and even called him a couple of times after moving to Managua when I had emergencies. on more than one occasion he came to help me on the side of the road when my own car broke down; can’t say enough good about how reliable he is

Honest, reliable, and knowledgeable driver Jose Samuel Correa Rivera. He drove my friend and me around Nicaragua for a week. He made us feel safe and secure. cell phones 8734-3093 and 8581-3103

From Joe O’Haver – A Recommended Driver: I know many of you already have drivers. But if your person is unavailable or if you are in the need of someone, we would highly recommend John Silva. John was originally recommended to us by Hotel Con Corazon. We have used him for the subsequent two years. John is always punctual, he drives sanely and safely, and even when our flight has been delayed for an hour or two, he’s never complained. He is always friendly and goes out of his way to be helpful. His cars are neat, clean, and relatively new and the A/C always works. Oh, and the seatbelts work!
He speaks limited English but responds to both texts and telephone calls at 8751 0538

From Michelle Ortega Glutio – Taxi… 8967-3767 … call him any time for rides around town or longer distances … He’s honest and reliable. Rides to the airport … Masaya, Managua, Peñas Blancas, wherever … reasonable rates. Glutio works from 2 pm til 3 am every day except Thursday. 8967-3767

From Pauline Mary Jackson – Felipe Hondoy for taxi service, minibus, etc. 8432-5420

Nefteli works in the mornings til 2 pm and I’m not sure about his day off. 7715-3766

Favio Travel

Shuttle service to Managua airport from any hotel in Granada is $15 (minimum 3) and $35 to/from your home. They also offer tours in addition to the shuttle service to the airport. Always answered the phone, my emails and spoke English.

Favio Travel 8860-5362

Rent a Vehicle for $60 a Day with a Driver

It is a Hyundai H100, It comes with a driver, A/C, and a roof rack with a plastic cover. There is space for 12 ( including the driver) Cost per day is $60 for the bus and driver. We arrive with a full tank, clients fills the tank at end of the trip. If renting the bus for more than a week, we give a discount.
We also offer tours in the whole of Nicaragua. My husband is a licensed tour guide. We work together and I speak English, Dutch and Spanish and do most of the guiding with the tourist. We are just starting but have had tours with families, scientist and our goal is to offer customized tours. Our website is
Tours with private transport or bicycles….

Mobile: (505) 8776-7300 and (505) 5761 2144
Office:(505) 2522 0708 (office)
Office Address:
Tours Mas por Menos Parque San Juan,
2.5 cuadras al Oeste Masaya, Nicaragua

First Hybrid Taxi Company

If you are looking for a private transportation (taxi) company that is safe, low-cost, and comfortable, look no further. We are the first hybrid taxi company in Nicaragua. Our mission is to bring comfortable and affordable transportation service ensuring the well-being of our passengers and the environment.
Why prefer EcoTrans?
* We are available 24/7 at 7638.8417
* Hybrid fleet 100% Eco-Friendly with lower emissions and noise pollution.
* Our fleet is the safest in Nicaragua, monitored by GPS 24 hours a day!
* We accept MasterCard, VISA, Discover, and American Express.
* Free Wi-Fi.
Our price structure is simple. You only pay for what you use ($0.80/km + base fee depending on the time) very similar to a taxi meter. For trips outside of Managua, we offer a discount structure and you only pay for the km (10% off for 50-99km, 20% for 100-199km, and 25% for 200km or more). I have attached a sheet with approximate rates.
You can find us on Facebook. Any questions feel free to reach out to us.
Juan Pablo Sandino
Equipo EcoTrans
T: 505 7638.8417

Electronic Repairs

Computadoras de Granada
Calle Atravesada near Mi Museo
Phone 2552-3368

Electronica Lopez
Calle Real Xalteva, from Xalteva Church 1 block towards west
Phone 2552-       

Servicio Técnico Electrónico (TV, Stereo Repairs)
This is who I use. So far, very good.
Calle La Libertad, from BAC bank 1 ½ blocks towards the west
Phone 8460-2242

Embroidery or Logos on Shirts

Jose Ignacio from Jinotepe – 58354115 – He does print art on T-shirts. He comes to Granada regularly, I think that he can send you some samples and you can arrange a visit where You are in Granada to talk and take your order. 

Fashion Designer/ Dress Maker / T-Shirts

From Jaime Laureano, There is a Fashion Designer Named Harry Garay. He is the lead designer for Miss Nicaragua and Miss Teen Nicaragua, and the candidate that he dress just won the Crown on Sunday. He does custom Wedding Dresses and evening gowns, and also rents gowns. Very affordable. He speaks English as well. 2255-1113

From Chad Stewart Cunningham – tee shirts custom made an awesome job. Only place in 4 years I have found. Ricardo A quality time-frame 8590 3264


It is getting tough to find a fax in Nicaragua but a lot of companies still require it. Here is a service that is easy to use.


Zapatera Tours offers fishing in the lake.


Fishing Gear

Pesqueros Nicaragua
Kilometro 6-1/2, Carretera Sur , Ciudad de Managua, Rep. de Nicaragua
Tel.:(505)265-0479 Fax:(505)265-1043
Carretera Sur. From the “7 sur” 1.5 blocks north on LH side. Fishing equipment shop.


Floristería Ceisa
Calle El Consulado, from Central Park ½ block west, close to Hotel Plaza Colon
Phone 2552-6739

Floristería Flor de Abolengo
Calle El Consulado, from GonPer bookstore half block west
Phone 2552-4207

Floristería Miriam
Barrio Xalteva in front of Cristal Optic
Phone 2552-3034

Floristería Pétalos
Calle Consulado, from GonPer bookstore half block west
Phone 2552-6166

Framing (paintings, etc.)

For any selection of quality framing, you will probably have to go to Managua. There is a place at the Centro Commercial behind the BAC Bank and near the Guila Art store….they do trophies and framing. Their selection will not be excellent but the work is good. Also, for a larger array of frames try the art gallery, coffee shop, and frame shop at Codice. It is in the little neighborhood to the east of the BAC tower.


In the roadway to Managua, next to Ceguel Laboratory
Phone 2552-1914

Rafael Gómez (this is who we use)
Phone 2552-5744  8847-0466

Funeral Homes

Funeraria Bustamante
Calle La Calzada, from Central Park 4 ½ blocks east
Phone 2552-2503

Funeraria La Católica y Auxiliadora
Calle Atravesada, in front of Datisa Hardware Store, next to United Motors
Phone 2249-3474

Funeraria María Auxiliadora
West side of Salesiano School
Phone 2552-2460

Funeraria Monte Santo
Calle El Arsenal, east side of San Francisco Church
Phone 2552-0216

Furniture Made

Toque de Bambu. Catarina. 8962 0010. Or 8776 0148. Jairo Rocha


CSE (Supreme Electoral Council)
From El Club a block north
Phone 2552-8124

Central American Judicial Court
Barrio El Comercio, next to Casa Pellas
Phone 2552-7572

Empresa Nacional de Puertos
Calle La Calzada, at the end of La Calzada before the wharf
Phone 2552-6618

Judicial Complex
Km 41 1/2 Carretera Masaya, ½ mile past baseball stadium
Phone 2552-5347

INISER (Instituto Nicaragüense de Seguros y Reaseguros)
Calle El Caimito, from the Cathedral 2 blocks towards the lake
Phone 2552-2826

INSS (Instituto Nicaragüense de Seguridad Social)
Barrio El Comercio, from Cathedral 2 ½ blocks south
Phone 2552-4226

INTUR (Tourism Nicaraguan Institute)
Calle El Arsenal, southeast corner of Convento San Francisco
Phone 2552-6858

Barrio Otra Banda, west side of Chamorro industry
Phone 2552-4560

Nicaragua Postal Service
Calle Arsenal, South Side of Convento San Francisco
Phone 2552-2776

Administración de Rentas
Calle La Calzada, North side of Cathedral
Phone 2552-7469

Granada City Hall
Calle Real Xalteva, in front of the Central Park
Phone 2552-5848

INE (Instituto Nicaragüense de Energía)
Calle Atravesada, from Karawala Movie Theater half block north, #101
Phone 2552-8569

INETER (Instituto Nicaragüense de Estudios Territoriales)
Roadway to Masaya, Km 44 1/2, from Japón-Nicaragua hospital half block west
Phone 2552-4526

MARENA (Ministerio del Ambiente y Recursos Naturales)
Barrio Otra Banda, west side of Chamorro industry
Phone 2552-4560

MIGOB (Ministerio de Gobernación)
Calle La Immaculada, north side of Sandino Park
Phone 2552-5878

MINED (Ministerio de Educación)
Avenida Francisco Franco, next to Instituto Nacional de Oriente
Phone 2552-5229

Ministerio de Hacienda y Crédito Público
Barrio Teresiano, behind former Hospital
Phone 2552-4537

MINSA (Ministerio de Salud)
Barrio El Teresiano, from Professional School half block south
Phone 2552-2759

Ministerio de Transporte e Infraestructura
Barrio La Pólvora, across the northwest corner of María Auxiliadora Chapel 
Phone 2552-2823

MITRAB (Ministerio del Trabajo)
Barrio El Teresiano, Shell Guapinol gas station 2 ½ blocks south
Phone 2552-1835

Public Ministry
Barrio Xalteva & Calle El Consulado, from Portobanco half block east, house #208
Phone 2552-2542


Business/Org Name: The Tenth Planet: Graphic Design
Category of Business, Org or Service: Graphic Design
Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 8959-7097
City: Granada

Gyms and Spas

Pure Gym and Spa
Exercise classes, yoga, personal health trainers
Calle Corrales, from Convento San Francisco 1 ½ blocks towards the lake
Phone 8481-3264

Home Deliveries

Beer and water delivered to your house. 2552-4874

Propane Gas Tank delivery: 2552-3839 – Odeli Tropical Gas (recommended by Carol Lynch)

Danilo Lumbi for water and gas delivery 8451-5690   English Spoken 

Home Repairs-Remodeling – Maintenance

Julio Ramirez Blanco & Equipo – speaks some English Julio Ramirez 8981-1230m
(his wife Thalia speaks English) 8992-9516 Julio and his crew can do just about anything….painting, fixing things, building, etc. repairs. Welding, painting, carpentry, plumbing, remodeling

Alejandro Lopez (electrician)
Phone 8815-3415

Juan Carlos Gutierrez Sandino – Washers, Dryers, Fridges, AC
Phone 8983 2415 

Granada Property Service-Janice Gallagher
Calle La Calzada and Calle Miguel de Cervantes
Phone 2552-7954

Johnny (plumber)
Phone 8671-0372

Jorge (locksmith)

Pepe, aka El Dulce 8328-1555, locksmith, plumber, ironworker, roofer

Manuel Miranda (Locksmith)

Juan Rueda (electrician)
Phone 8889-3892

Manuel Lezama (plumber)
Phone 8889-7140

Marvin Alemán (air conditioning and refrigerator)
Phone 8631-1277

Pedro Barberena (locksmith) Used by many of the expats
Phone 8328-1555

Rafael Brenes (bricklayer)
Phone 8687-1438

From Daniela Prego – For electricity small jobs call Henry 8778-4841 he is great

Washing machine repair:  Jose Angel Guerrero: 8984-1829 

Welder:  Alejandro Brizuela:  7620-7359

Wood Blinds – Roberto Calero 8434-3575 

Good honest construction worker. He speaks Spanish only and has his police check. He is hard-working, has very reasonable rates and is on time, and cleans up his work area (tools, etc.) each day. His name is Johandry Gabriel Obando, Movistar # 77378755

We had a problem with our on-demand water heater and found a great repair technician – Alan Urbina: 8817-3846. He came out to our house at the Laguna and not only fixed the problem but figured out a way to make our hot water work more efficiently and consistently. He also works on air conditioners. Highly recommended.


Antártico Ice
Phone 2552-1212

Hielera Tenderí
Calle El Comercio, south side of Municipal Market
Phone 2552-5398

Hielo en Cubitos
Barri Xalteva & Calle El Consulado
Phone 2552-5335


CSISA Insurance Brokers

Buying insurance in Nicaragua can be challenging.  CSISA Insurance Brokers strives to make the experience more meaningful. We explain and educate our clients on the different insurance options and provide support and customer service when needed.

We work with the five Nicaraguan Insurance companies to find the best coverage and rate to fit your needs. With over 71 years of combined insurance experience, the staff at CSISA Insurance can help you with coverage options for homeowners, business and commercial, life, and health insurance in Nicaragua. For more information, visit us at or give us a call at the Managua office (505) 2271-5658.

Insurance for the home
Ricardo Sequeira
Phone 2552-2145

Laundry Services – Clothes Cleaning

Fernanda Laundry Service
Calle La Calzada, from the Cathedral 1 ½ blocks towards the lake, at D’Fruit restaurant
Phone 8413-9905

Laundry Service
Calle El Consulado, from Central Park 1 ½ blocks west, close to GonPer bookstore
Phone 2552-6532

Mapache Laundry Service
These people do dry cleaning also.
Calle El Cisne, from the Cathedral 2 blocks towards the lake ½ block north
Cel: 8940-0821 (Claro)  8982-7118 (Movistar)   2552-6711

Legal Services

Dr. Zaira Guadamuz    speaks English
Phone 8880-7769

Dr.Vincente Ubau     Only speaks Spanish
Phone 2552-6109 office 8850-8203 cell

Paul Tiffer       Speaks English
Abogado y Notario Público 
 Tiffer & Asociados 
 Reparto Bolonia Hospital Militar 1c. al lago, 1c. abajo Cel.: 8884-1652; Tel.: 2266-8622 
 Managua, Nicaragua E-mail:

Billy A. Hondoy Speaks English
On the side street across from La Union supermarket
Phone 2552-4274

Dr. Rodolfo Arce Rodríguez   Speaks English
Corporate Attorney 

Dr. Humberto Arana
Calle Real Xalteva
Phone 2552-4147

Dr. Jairo Luis Ramírez
Calle Atravesada, from Sandino Park 2 blocks south half block east
Phone 2552-3140

Dr. Marlon Sánchez   Speaks English
Phone 8858-1984

Dr. Ramón González Navarro
Calle Vega, from the Central Park half block south, close to Managua bus station
Phone 2552-3587

Dr. Tito Abea Méndez
Calle El Consulado, from Vicky store half block east, house #515
Phone 2552-2833

Dr. Walter Urbina
Phone 2552-9385

Misc Services


Repairs chairs, sofas, rattan
Wilfredo 8572-6387

Cane repair:  Juan Jose Montiel:  8180-8907

Iron Work

Makes beds, tables, chairs, about anything. Just design it and give it to him.
Jorge Hernandez  8874-6151

Pedro Barberena 83281575 does all the iron work for all the hotels in Granada. 

Welder:  Alejandro Brizuela:  7620-7359


Photography services serving the Granada area, 8880 7773.

Plumbing  (see also Home Repairs)

Rudi: 8677 8049

Police Phone Numbers for Granada

The numbers at the Granada police switchboard are:
2552-2929 2552-2977 cel 8809 5105  – All in Spanish.

8391-5997 Tourist Police

You can also call 118 free from any cell phone (Spanish spoken). And 101 from Claro phones are also free ( English and Spanish Spoken)

DB – No one has a higher opinion of the police than I do but….. it can sometimes be difficult to get someone to answer the phone. That’s why your property taxes are very low. The 3-digit phone numbers go to Managua then they forward the call to Granada.

Pools Repairs & Supplies

Colonial Pools
Building, maintenance and supplies of pools. Contact Information: Neil Beauregard 8875-1978 or 

Dr. Pool                               
Azucena Espinoza de Castilo
Central Commercial San Francisco Modulo G-7
Phone 8271-6391  8876-9093

Francisco Fuertes
Phone 2552-3071

Juan Federico Lopez
Phone 2552-3408

Piscinas Pacific
Phone 2222-2254

Pool Supplies (Uriel Rivera Perras)
Phone 8848-5131

Water Works
Calle Santa Lucía & Calle Atravezada, from Dardanelos Bridge one block towards the lake
Phone 2552-3408

Residency Assistance

Patricia Sanchez Quintero   Speaks English
8950-8211   2280-6990

Dr. Hugo Rodrigues Flores
phone: 8867-9241

Paul Tiffer 
Abogado y Notario Público – Speaks English
 Tiffer & Asociados 
 Reparto Bolonia Hospital Militar 1c. al lago, 1c. abajo Cel.: 8884-1652; Tel.: 2266-8622 
 Managua, Nicaragua E-mail:

Book and/or PDFs with Instructions

Reupholstery, Leather Work, Wood Furniture

Car seats, chairs, furniture
Located next door to Terri Leary’s home
Jairo – 8814-0878 

I had new slipcovers and a new high-density foam base made for my sofa. Very high-quality work, excellent price, and very quickly. Would highly recommend Sergio 8327 9630.Spanish only- written estimate- all done in about 2 days!

Original Wooden Furniture

Woodworking/furniture near Catarina
Meubleria Ana Marcela  8973-0129
Directions: Colegio Concepcion de Maria 300 mts. al Oeste, Pacayita. Masaya

Satteite Services

Ernesto Mayorga

Seafood Delivery

Eddy Calvero 
He is here from SJdS on Monday and Saturday. He works different parts of town and I think he said Saturday he would be in the Santa Lucia area. He was near the PPQ bridge on Monday. He said if you call him with what you want he will bring it to your house or will meet you somewhere.

Septic Tanks-Cleaning, Repairs

Róger Rodríguez
Phone 8863-6703

Carla Rodríguez
Phone 8882-4675

Shipping Companies

Jason Taylor Moving

I have handled many shipments in containers to Nicaragua but typically would only get the goods to the terminal in Managua. From there the client would need to have an Agent to receive the goods for inspection and valuation by customs. I know someone who deals with an Agent in Managua who is comfortable and I will try to get that information for you. 

As far as arranging the container, packing, inventory, wrapping, loading, and getting the container to Managua we can handle that part from my locations in Atlanta, GA and Sarasota, FL. in GA in FL.

(770) 889-9924 GA     (941) 727-1459 FL

Spanish Tutoring

Recommendation from Diane Laughter: We would like to recommend our Spanish teacher, Maria Lydia Rueda Cuadra to Granada ex-pats. She is delightful, knowledgeable, and very professional, and will tailor sessions to fit your level, style, and desire. Maria’s rate of $6/hr is an excellent value AND she will meet you at your location in Granada. She is available daily from 2 pm into the evening. Contact her to arrange a time:, 84495130 (Claro), or 83726157 (Movistar)

Escuela Avacemos

Tutoring One-on-one or via Skype

Maria Haydeé Méndez


Johanna Gonzalez Barerena

Preferred teacher by ex-pats

Phone 8453-6298


Spanish Language Schools

Best Spanish Schools in Granada Nicaragua – An Article


ABC School

Calle El Consulado, close to Vicky Store

Phone 2552-0812


Cocibolca Spanish School

Phone 2552-8193

Apoyo Spanish School

Estacion Biologica
Del Triangulo, 800 m al norte
Laguna de Apoyo

The Apoyo Spanish School is operated by the Gaia program at FUNDECI and is
located in front of the warm waters of Laguna de Apoyo. Students learn
Spanish in a natural atmosphere and participate in activities to give back
to Mother Nature. We also provide courses for training and certification
of Spanish teachers-the school that teaches the teachers!

Apoyo Spanish School
telephone (movistar) 8882-3992

Sol del Sur Spanish School

Address: to the fire station 1 block to the north 1/2 block to the east, Rivas.
Phone: (505) 86158684
Facebook page:
Owner: Isabel Torres


Hotel con Corazón Spanish Classes

Calle Santa Lucia and Guzman

Phone 2552-8852


Nicaragua Mía Spanish School

Calle Caimito, from Central Park 3 ½ blocks west towards the lake

Phone 2552-8193


Nicaragua Spanish Lessons School in Granada

Calle El Arsenal, at Convento San Francisco

Phone 8876-5702


Nicaraguan Spanish Schools

Calle Guzman, from the Central Park 2 ½ blocks north

Phone 2552-8577


Spanish Dale!

Hotel Spa Granada, Calle Atrevasada

Phone: +505 8866 4581



Spanish School Xpress

Calle  Guzman, from the northwest corner of Central Park 2 ½ blocks north

Phone 2552-8577


Viva Spanish Language

Tel. (oficina): (505) 2270 2339


Sewing – Seamstress

Seamstress Chilo. Spanish only. Recreates a favorite dress. Can use a pattern. Alterations. Homewares. I have used her for 3 years. 8862 6597

Storage-Vehicles, Warehouse

Sano Y Salvo
One block south of Sandino Park
Phone 8654-4879 / 8866-0938

Translation Services

Translation Service, Rolando Tellez 8867-4182 


Buying Citrus and Ornamental Plants

I have a citrus farm in Chinandega and I needed 800 lime trees and 200 avocado trees in a short period of time because I had just installed my irrigation system for this project. We spent a day in the Catarina area looking for a supplier who had the quality and quantities we needed. We got the usual gringo price idiot treatment from all but one young grower named Saul. He said he could have the total order in 2-3 days at a price that was about 45% cheaper than the other vendors we had met with. He called me the following night and said he had the order and a truck lined up to deliver them to our farm in Chinandega. I told him that I would be back to his place in Catarina the next day to inspect what he had and to pay him if all was in order according to the price and quality of plants we had agreed to.

To my astonishment, everything was as agreed to and there was no talk of misunderstood prices, excuses for poor quality….nothing of this sort of thing. The entire process went seamlessly and I must say this is a rarity here when doing business. If any of you need fruit trees or ornamental plants, Saul has them in small and large quantities at reasonable prices. His nursery is located very close to the main entrance to Catarina and his Movistar number is 7817-7995

Tim Sewell


ENACAL—water bills
Avenida Bodan, from the Firefighters Station a block north
Phone 2552-5704

ENITEL (Claro)—phones, service and internet
Calle La Libertad, from the Central Park half block east
Phone 2552-8848; 115

Disnorte Dissur  Power Company
Costado Este del Cuerpo de Bomberos
For power problems or billing issues, you can simply dial 125

Disnorte-Dissur has a power outage schedule on its website. Obviously, if something breaks it isn’t on here. See below:

When you get on the page, look to the left and you’ll see Programación de Cortes por Mantenimiento. Click on either Disnorte or Dissur, depending on your city and it will give you the schedule. (Granada is Dissur).

USA Veterans Services

If you are a USA veteran and need assistance use one of the below websites. The first is for your general benefits and the second is for veterans living overseas.

Web Design, Services

Alvaro Berroteran
Calle El Caimito 

Disenos Web Granada
From Hotel La Gran Francia 75 M towards the lake
Phone 8479-5455

Managua, Nicaragua

Javier Baldovinos
San Juan del Sur